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How do you want to be perceived? How would you like your brand to be perceived? Perception is everything. It’s very important how you present yourself and your business to the world. There's a reason why 89% of marketers state that using video gives them a great ROI (Return on Investment), making video one of the best mediums businesses use to scale. 

We integrate goal-oriented storytelling into all our projects to help your brand increase awareness, trust, and sales.  We'll create a story narrative to produce video that is cinematically outstanding, that shapes how people view you and will enable consumers to forge a deeper connection with you and your company.

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Our Production Process

Pre-production is the phase where we prepare your project for shooting. Production is the phase where we shoot all of your scenes. Post-production is where we arrange all of the scenes we filmed into the finished product.

As you might have noticed, the success of the latter two phases is heavily dependent on the work that's done in the first one.

Pre-Production Strategy

Pre-Production is where we take the time to plan out your entire project. Every video we create for our clients has an objective, and this phase of production ensures that your video will produce the results you want.


Our team will develop the message or story of your video along with its structure, plot points, scout location(s), and solidify the shooting schedule for your project.


Production is the phase where all visual content will be filmed. Our production coordinator will supervise the day-to-day and make sure that everyone on set have the necessary resources to stay on track.


Camera operators, grips, and gaffers will follow the shooting plan set by the director and cinematographer, capturing all the necessary footage for your project. 



A well produced project relies on the many processes that happens after filming. This is where the magic happens!
We’ll piece together the raw footage, add sounds (music, sound fx, or voiceovers), visual fx, and color grade your project so it comes alive as one compelling, cohesive video. 

Our director and editor will be in touch with you throughout the post-production process updating you as we work towards completion.

Want more insight on what it looks like to work with our team? Click the link below for even more details 

Rates are subject to increase or decrease in cost depending on the scope and size of your project. 

*Most projects can be modified to meet your budget and needs.

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