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  1. Your inquiry comes in and we have a discovery call to figure out your needs, wants, and expectations. 

  2. A budget is established and we offer a proposal suited to your project including;  pre-production development, production, and post-production editing. 

  3. We send over a quote outlining everything we discussed and what you'll be receiving

  4. After the proposal quote is approved, we'll send you a contract that you can sign electronically and an booking invoice. 

  5. A 50% non-refundable deposit is collected to lock in your shoot date in our calendar. 

  6. Pre-production Development and logistics begin leading up to the shoot date. This is where we find your story and present the concept(s) for your project. 

  7. We'll have several Pre-Production Strategy meetings to make sure our teams are all on the same page. 

  8. 100% of the remaining balance is due 1 week before the shoot

  9. Shoot day executed

  10. We import and make a backup copy of the footage

  11. Your first draft is delivered via Frame.IO based on your schedule. This cut is rough & not color corrected. You'll give us feedback and let us know what changes you'll like. 

  12. Our editor(s) make revisions and the second cut is delivered within 3-5 business days. This cut will begin to look polished and we start color correcting the film. You give us feedback and let us know what revisions you'll like. 

  13. We'll purchase the music license, cater to your final revisions, if any, complete color correction, and button up the film. The final cut is delivered via digital download (Google Drive or Dropbox)

  14. Project wrap



Budget Tip #1: A reference video is a great place to start.

The best way to get a quick accurate estimate is to have a reference video to compare to. (I.e. “How much would something like ‘this’ cost.”)


Budget Tip #2: Share your budget

Every business has a budget and some businesses are reluctant to share budget figures hoping they will get an amazing deal if they don’t disclose anything. If you don’t declare a budget then the production company will have to guess at a budget. There is no simple answer or formula to calculate exactly how much a business should spend on marketing, The truth is that, there is  no simple answer the answer to determine what you're budget should be, but the Small Business Administration suggests that the easiest way to calculate your budget is to make it a consistent percentage of gross revenue. Marketing experts recommend that small businesses (with a gross revenue of 1 million to 40 million) spend anywhere from 7-8 percent of their gross revenue on marketing. Here is a table guide based on SBA business averages.


Percent of Gross Revenue           SBA Average Guide

2%                                          Low

4%                                          Medium / Low

6%                                          Medium

8%                                          Medium

10%                                        Medium / High

12%                                        High

14%                                        Growth / Aggressive

16%+                                     Startup / Aggressive


Budgeting Tip # 3: Be open minded

Many businesses begin the video development process with; 1. A specific video type or style  in mind, 2. A prepared script and/or 3. Specific creative approach in mind.  With that being said, it’s still a good idea to listen to alternative approaches – you are hiring a video production company because of their experience and expertise that has yielded results for many other clients they have worked with. 


One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, "Can we get the raw footage?". Simply put, yes you can, but for a fee. When hiring us to shoot your event, commercial, promo material, etc. you are investing in our crew's time and the requested edited, final deliverable(s). Anything outside of that scope, such as the raw un-edited media and project files is not included. 

  1. The cost for the client to purchase the raw footage is 100% of the contract price. If a clients project is $2,500 then the rights to the raw footage comes out to an additional $5,000. This fee grants the client access to the raw footage and permission to use it at their discretion.

  2. Additionally handling raw footage has a cost. Video filmed on our high end cameras can easily be almost 1TB in size, so 10hrs of filming would be nearly 8 TB of data! The hard-drive cost alone would be into the hundreds of dollars. Lastly, the time it would take to export all the data, could take 20+ hours. 



This is mainly about protecting the rights of everyone involved. When you make a video the production company will be very clear on what the video is for and where it will be displayed. They will then make sure everything is cleared for this and sign the copyright over to you. More importantly they will cost it in to the quote. This will not include the raw footage. Therefore if you think you will want the raw footage mention it at the start of the process. 



We store all of our clients projects on hard drives and cloud storage. Due to the amount of clients we have, we will typically delete any raw footage 90 days after you have received your final deliverable(s). We will always have a copy of your final on hand, but the raw footage will be eventually removed to make room for new clients. We do offer our clients the option to keep your raw footage stored on our drives indefinitely for a fee of $29.99 per month or $299.99 for a year. Most companies love this option due to the fact that they can easily have content created from previous events or shoots to create video without necessarily needing a full scale production every time. If you ever want your raw footage that is stored, there is a fee associated mentioned in the Raw Footage section above. 




In a scenario where you only need us to shoot your project because you have an in-house editor then the following charges would apply: 

  • Rate for production crew

  • Rate for equipment 

  • Video editor's rate at $75/hour (After a brief description of your expectations, we'll determine how much editing time will be required) 

  • The standard procedure for this process is below (if storage/media is not provided):

    • Importing the footage from cameras

    • Transferring all files to your hard drive

    • Making a backup copy

    • Mailing the hard drive or transferring via cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive)  


  • Non-Refundable Deposit: 50% of the project cost due upon booking.

  • 2nd Payment: 100% of the remaining balance is due 1 week prior to the first production day, unless other arrangements are contractually agreed upon between both the client and production company. 


E-Check / ACH Bank Transfer (Preferred): Pay online with no additional fees. 

Paying online: For your convenience, we do have an option to pay online.

Mail a check: We also accept checks.


This depends on your deadline. Our standard time to deliver the first draft is 9-12 business days. If you need your final product delivered within a few days of the shoot, we can prioritize your project for a rush editing charge of $175.00



You are responsible for covering additional fees and costs related to location choice (admission fees, parking, etc). The first 50 miles of travel and the first 1 hour of travel from our office located Atlanta, GA is included. Time and travel beyond that will be billed separately at $1 per mile. 

All commercial projects start at a base rate of $2500

*Base rate includes pre-production development, basic production equipment (Professional 6K cinema camera, lighting equipment for 3-point set up, lenses, tripod and or stabilizer), production team, and post-production editing 


Rates are subject to increase or decrease in cost depending on the scope and size of your project. 

*Most projects can be modified to meet your budget and needs.

Are you ready to discover and leverage the full potential of video marketing for your business? Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today!

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