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Learning the basics of video can be overwhelming if you know little or nothing about video. Transform your video skills and get real results FAST by booking a Private Coaching session. You'll learn more about equipment, editing, lighting, and audio to create better content- If you're a complete novice this a great place to start. Our Private coaching sessions are customized to meet your specific goals.

Areas we can work on

  • Learn the best settings like white balance, color profiles, frame rates, resolution, exposure, etc.

  • Learn to create cinematic images with composition, lighting, angles, lens choice, movements, etc.

  • Learn what to buy & save money with cameras, lenses, lights, microphones, stabilizers, etc.

Learn how to plan, shoot, and edit engaging video

We'll discuss what skills you specifically want to learn prior to your session, allowing us to customize a curriculum to meet your goals. Also, you'll receive course material of what you've learned through your session for your reference afterwards. So if for any reason you forgot anything you learned, you can always defer back to your lesson material.

Want more insight on what it looks like to work with our team? Click the link below to schedule a call! 

250/hr ($75 for addtional hours
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